Placements & Recruitment

V Corp by virtue of being in academics is having access to employable resources from different domains such as engineering, technology, management and pharmacy etc. This will help its recruitment clients to save on the several cost aspects such as: Hiring Cost, Training Cost, Attrition Cost and Cost of Employer Branding etc.


We focus on recruiting candidate for Senior and Middle level management. Exclusive services are available for recruiting manpower at top level. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our service standards with clients and candidates and we aim to stand out in many other important ways.

Client Centric: We customize our Executive Search Solutions to our customers’ needs by a process of in-depth understanding of their companies, businesses, cultures and requirements. The whole aim is to remain Successful in providing best Human Capital on their journey to Leadership & Quality.

Candidate Centric: We never forget the unique attributes and needs of each candidate and treat them with the due respect and focus that they deserve. We want our candidates to treat us as a trusted guide to their successful career paths and want them to come back to us for career guidance as and when they feel the need. We are People Centric and want to thrive on the relationship that we build.

Why Vishveshwarya Corp?

  • Enthusiastic plan for high quality deliverables.
  • Experienced Professionals from various industry domains under one roof.
  • Professional designers with high level of accuracy. 
  • Good Head Hunting network. 
  • Good network with leading Universities and Business Schools. 
  • Professional IT experts at your disposal to solve all the IT related aspects. 

Our Methodology Process works as follows :

  • STUDY CLIENT’S REQUIREMENTS : First we review the job requirements with our client. The idea is to acquire a complete understanding of the job description, the work environment, and company culture and benefits.
  • SEARCH FOR RIGHT CANDIDATE : After getting an in-depth knowledge of client’s specific needs, we begin to search for qualified candidates. In addition, we also review the database of candidates and undertake an intensive process of reviewing the candidate profiles to come up with a select number of best qualified candidates.
  • SCREEN QUALIFIED CANDIDATES : Once we identify and shortlist qualified candidates, we begin the interview process. The listed candidates are interviewed in aspects ranging from their qualifications to soft skills, work ethics, personality, communication skills, and information that are required to match a candidate to the job.
  • PRESENT THE RIGHT CANDIDATE TO CLIENT : After interview process, we narrow down the choice to a qualified candidate and obtain the candidates’ permission to submit their resume to the client.
  • ARRANGE INTERVIEW WITH CLIENT : Finally, we arrange with our clients the right date for the interview and also assist the client and candidate in negotiating the salary. Once the interview is done we proactively follow up with the client & in case later the results are positive, we make an offer on client’s behalf to the candidate.
  • Creating and delivering right manpower for the right client.


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