Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Career Diagnostics Centre at V Corp tries to create leaders of tomorrow by developing values like ethics, sincerity and confidence. V Corp Identifies potential of youth, Inspires it, Educates and provides employability for a better future.

Our Solution

Kya Banoge Munna (KBM) is a dynamic, cyclic and consistent process to evolve an ethical, sincere, confident and responsible professional out of a mediocre entity.

KBM works in following channels,

•Gap Analysis done by Career Diagnostic Centre


•Mentorship Support

•Youth Mobilization

•Gap Fulfillment done by various Verticals of Vishveshwarya Corp


Impact of KBM's Career Guidance:

• Raises confidence levels of all candidates.

• Improves motivation, well-being and willingness to take calculated risks based on improved learning and understanding.

• Supports individuals to set career goals which in turn drive stronger educational ambition and aspiration.

• Often works best in the medium to longer term, and as part of a “package” of support .

• Makes greatest impact on individuals with limited “networks”.

• Can demonstrate a longer term uplift in wages for those who have career goals and undertaken progressive career development actions, thereby supporting a lifelong learning culture.


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