Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Career Diagnostics Centre at V Corp tries to create leaders of tomorrow by developing values like ethics, sincerity and confidence. V Corp Identifies potential of youth, Inspires it, Educates and provides employability for a better future.

Career Diagnostic Center

Career Diagnostic Centerat V Corp recognizes the prior talent of learning in a student. The objective behind formation of CDC is to ensure the real and hidden talent of an individual. This is done by highly experienced and qualified team of Academicians, Psychologists and Industry experts through an Psychometric Assessment Test and Interview.

Psychometric Testing refers to the process of measuring a candidate's relevant strengths and weaknesses. This form of measurement is primarily employed to assess employment suitability and career decision.

The aim of Career Diagnostic Center is to gain an accurate bearing of candidate's cognitive abilities and personality/ behavioral style.

Aim of CDC is to enable individuals to,

• Know how to make and implement well informed career choices and decisions throughout life.

• Be confident, motivated and have high aspirations for themselves.

• Recognize and understand how to achieve their full potential.

• Widen their horizons and learn more about the world of work.

• Continually develop the right skills and attitudes to enable them to experience success both now and in the future.


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