Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Career Diagnostics Centre at V Corp tries to create leaders of tomorrow by developing values like ethics, sincerity and confidence. V Corp Identifies potential of youth, Inspires it, Educates and provides employability for a better future.

Career Guidance

V Corp focuses on value creation for the young and budding talent by giving them career counseling. In today’s scenario, industry is facing lack of skilled professionals and due to poor guidance, students could not match their existing skills with the possible framework and excellence of career in future.

Vishveshwarya Corp works as a social plateform with an objective to raise more focused and intellectual technocrats for a better India. Indian talent is been recognized and appraised worldwide for its intelligence and achievements, however for past 3-4 years a skill gap is been notified in aspirants while applying in industry due to competition and various technical streams available in education. KYA BANOGEY MUNNA is a technical awareness program run by Vishveshwarya Corp initially in north India schools with a mission to Inspire-> Educate-> Engage students in appropriate technical streams with the help of our General career counseling sessions aimed to cover topics i.e:

  • Why professional/Technical education?
  • Matching skills to be a successful professional.
  • General awareness program on various technical streams available and career growth in each stream.

Aforesaid guidance is meant for 12th science stream students (medical or non medical). Vishveshwarya is doing this awareness program in 6 zones including Kanpur, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Guwahati. Speakers will be experienced & acclaimed academicians of Vishveshwarya in this awareness programs.

After these awareness program students will be given free access to lifetime counseling web portal named as “KBM – Career guidance” for further guidance/online counseling and other relevant services related to career growth.

Local mentors in every state will be available for physical interaction for mentoring in more effective way to understand socio economic scenario for moving in right direction.


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