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The new competitive standards that affect organizational structures, requiring a move away from top- down systems and toward more flexible networks and work teams. Technical changes result in new work processes and procedures. These require constant updating of employer-specific technical knowledge.

About Vishveshwarya Corp.

Vishveshwarya Corp is an Organization established under Section 25 of companies ACT 1956. It is a private Ltd. Non-Profit Company formed to provide array of services in Education industry with an aim to align Industry, Academicians, students, Institutions and academia to generate ethical and progressive value for all stakeholders. With our skilled and dedicated team of professionals, V Corp. is well placed to provide strategic end-to-end services and imaginative solutions to your needs anywhere.

The major focus of V Corp is to identify potential areas of value addition in students for the industry and service organizations and offer programmes for capacity building in those areas.

Our Concept

In today’s world of emerging economies present across the globe, we, the V Corp endeavors to introduce meteoric rise in the capacity and capabilities of the promising Indian young squad. We understand that to create renaissance and stamp our success worldwide, we are required to understand the socio Economic Responsibility in transforming eligible Indian youth into the success arena. We will adhere our promise to deliver ethical practices in all our professional initiatives during the said transition.

Our Presence

V Corp is providing strategic, training and marketing solutions to various demanding sectors. Currently V Corp is active with its highly motivated and passionate team in Real Estate, Education , Retail and Hospitality sectors. At V Corp we are having plans to extend our wings to more sectors with Govt. of India to skill and train Indian Youth.

Message From CEO

Mr. Sunil Jindal,
CEO, SVP Group


India is a developing economy with an expected growth rate of 8-9% in coming years. India is a country of 1.25 Billion populations, different castes, systems, rituals, thin


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