Frequently Asked Questions


Ans: Yes, all our courses may be taught at your facilities. We recommend on-site training for organizations with groups of 12 or more students.

Ans: Yes, all corporate courses can be tailored to address your organizational environment, experience level, and interest of participating students.  We can also create customized training catalogs and help you develop training awareness.

Ans: We offer competitive prices for all courses.  Please speak to our training coordinator section for up to date information.   Note that additional fees may apply depending on the level of required customization, location, and group size.Please speak with one of our corporate sales representatives to obtain a price quote.

Ans:We offer flexible day, evening, and weekend hours for classes taught in our classrooms.On-site training can be scheduled during the day or evening.

Ans:We believe that having qualified, experienced and helpful instructors is essential to successful training.All V Corp instructors are experts in their fields with adequate professional experience.